Talent acquisition presents a challenge for many small businesses and their human resource departments. How do you find the best candidate and maintain the operational efficiency of your organization?

Would using a staffing firm be more beneficial or would it undermine the very team you’ve already assembled? In the following article, we’re going to talk about the potential value of using a staffing agency while covering some of the pros and cons along the way. Let’s start the search!

8 Factors to Consider When Using a Staffing Agency

There’s no better place to start than identifying the pros and cons of using a staffing agency to acquire talent. Many benefits do exist, but they have to be balanced with the potential drawbacks. Here are eight factors to closely consider.

1. It Speeds Up the Hiring Process

When considering the pros and cons of using a recruiter, mark this one in the pro column. Outsourcing the process cuts back on the amount of time your staff has to spend culling through resumes and doing background checks.

Having a staffing agency as your first line of defence against poorly-suited candidates gives staff the ability to redirect time they’re spending more effectively. If it adds a couple of weeks of productivity to your most valuable employees, then it could very well be worthwhile.

2. You Can Attract Higher Quality Candidates

Many business owners mistakenly believe that, because they’re subject matter experts in their field, they’re the best-equipped person to judge potential talent. But that’s not necessarily the case.

A job recruitment agent spends time thinking about and learning the intangibles of what makes a candidate great. They go beyond how well the candidate “knows their stuff.” They question the personal motivations of the candidate, the cultural fit, and other factors that go beyond the industry.

Their job is to find you a candidate who will be a valuable contribution to your organization. Specializing in this almost always yields better candidates. Call this another pro.

3. Staffing Agencies Specialize

Another pro answer to the why recruitment question is specialization. Getting outside the realm of generalists, you can find firms that specialize in one specific type of candidate as Northern Ireland did recently with the recruitment of its latest police chief.

4. You Can Try Before You Buy

Staffing firms will sometimes offer guarantees on the candidates they offer. If the agreed-upon employment stint doesn’t work out, the company gets a refund from the firm.

This incentivizes the agency to do a good job of bringing you the best candidate. Having a safety net like that is a definite pro, but it’s not something every firm is willing to do.

5. You Might End Up with a Disturbance in the Force

No, not a Star Wars “disturbance in the Force,” but a rift between the staff that you have and the temp assets who are getting paid less to do the same amount of work. The existing staff could also see a desire to acquire talent in an organized and specific way as an affront to their own backstory.

This disturbance is certainly a con, but it’s a con you can manage. You just have to be transparent with both sides about what you’re hoping to accomplish. Furthermore, your staffing agency talent needs to know they’re working towards something, and your staff needs to see the fairness in that.

6. It Can Be Pricey

Another con on the pros and cons of working for a temp agency list is how expensive it can be when you aren’t getting the results you desire. Say you have a relationship with a firm that’s sending you a revolving door of talent that doesn’t work out for one reason or another. You’re out of the exorbitant onboarding costs every time you have to bring in another candidate.

7. You Relinquish Some Control

It’s definitely a leap of faith when you’re trusting an outside firm to find talent that will run your company, and it can cause you to lose tabs on your employer brand. But there’s also such thing as too much control.

And at some point, you have to learn how to delegate and trust that you’ll be good at giving those tasks to the right people. So we’ll call this one a draw.

8. Recruiting Agencies Operate Outside of Company Culture

Not to be negative, but we’ll end on the con that everyone thinks about when considering outsourcing their recruitment to a firm. We’re talking about company culture.

A candidate can have all the right tools on paper. He can have the perfect amount of work background and education. But if he’s not a great cultural fit, there’s a better-than-average chance he won’t be a good fit.

That’s because people who are a cultural fit for your company can be flexible when the time comes to pivot, reverse, or move forward. Top “on-paper” talent that’s a lousy fit? You’ll never get the buy-in you need from them.

When It Can Help

Still wondering whether your talent acquisition or HR team is ready for the outside help? Here are some telltale signs that it’s a good fit.

You Have Limited Reach

You don’t have the time, money, or technical know-how to expand beyond basic job search marketing. The most you’re putting into your advertising efforts is an ad in the newspaper or on your Facebook page. Staffing firms use data, analytics, and smart marketing dollars to reach a targeted audience with a much wider geographic footprint.

You Lack the Time and Energy to Do the Search Yourself

The resumes are piled high at the end of the day. You find your eyes glazing over and moving toward educational background and work history without thinking about the person behind the paper.

You Need Fresh Eyes

You’ve done things the same way for a long time, and the progress you once felt has started to stall. Staffing firms can bring innovative hiring solutions to the table.

Talent Acquisition Can Benefit from a Staffing Agency

Talent acquisition teams certainly have the potential to benefit from a staffing agency partnership. But first, a health check of your organization is necessary.

Is there a talent shortage? Does your geographic area have a qualified workforce to draw from? Do you lack the time, energy, expertise, and resourcefulness to do it yourself?

Do a bandwidth check to see what your team is capable of doing well. (Not just doing.) And if you’re ready for professional recruitment help from the smallest projects to your next Employee of the Month, contact us today.

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