Our Story

Relax… we’ve done this before.

Whether it’s technology, marketing or stem, great teams change the world. But building great teams is difficult. It’s a science and an art. A discipline we’ve perfected whilst building teams for hundreds of the world’s most innovative companies.

Finding, nurturing and deploying talent

Total Talent is on a mission to unleash human potential. We believe talented people can achieve anything if they are matched in the right culture and team.

We provide flexible in-house talent acquisition teams for the world’s most ambitious brands.

we unleash human potential

At Total Talent, we understand the power of human potential. In a world full of bright ideas, it’s all about the people who can actually make them happen. That’s why we work in-house combining our expertise with the familiarity and cultural understanding of those on the inside.

We don’t think it makes sense to only work on a commission. Instead, we offer a number of various service models, including a monthly subscription basis that allows us to think beyond the benefit of individual placements and focus on the bigger picture: helping teams and companies achieve sustainable growth.

When they do, we can be flexible and scale with them, providing insight and support wherever needed. That’s why we’re valued by companies at all stages of their development, from early-stage startups, through to scaleups and fully-fledged enterprises.

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