Our Pricing

When you add great talent to your business, you add lots of value too and one of the big advantages of our pricing model for you, is that you pay nothing unless we find the right person for you and they join your team

An Exclusivity Arrangement

This is where we work exclusively with you on an assignment, leaving absolutely no stone unturned and by doing so, we can offer you a substantial discount on our standard fees.

A Retainer

This model works very well for senior level roles where you are keen to explore and understand the total talent pool available through our ability to do extensive research and talent mapping.

A Volume Contract

This is an option when we are working on several assignments for you at once and can offer you substantial reductions on our usual fees.

Partial Service Rate

For when you might just need a little help augmenting your own in-house resources and here we can provide the specific recruitment services you want like long-listing or screening, for example.

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