Are you an employer targeting the best talent in the market? Are you looking for the best strategies to attract millennials in the country? Recruiting millennials isn’t easy, and you’ve to revamp your brand’s recruitment strategy.

According to a 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey, says by 2030, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.

Why is recruitment important to target this age group? Millennials are more educated than any other older generations. They’ve more work options available in a globalized job market. They also like keeping their options open.

These unique trends highlight the need for new recruiting strategies for employers. They’ve to work harder to attract the right talent.

If you want to attract millennial talent in Ireland or anywhere else, it’s time to revamp your employment strategy.

Tips for Recruiting Millennials

Here are some ideas to create an employer brand optimized for millennials.

Your Employees to Be Brand Ambassadors

Millennials are tech-savvy. They’ll look at what your current and former employees say in addition to job listings.  For this reason, you’ve to engage your employees and make them understand their role as brand ambassadors.

Empower and encourage your employees to engage in social media and talent communities.  Let your employees share authentic video stories when at work.

This employer brand strategy gives authenticity to your brand and attracts younger employees.

Create an Attractive Workplace

A peek at Google, Facebook, and other tech-driven companies give you an idea of the workplace millennials want. Modern workplaces are more than places to earn money. Millennials want to work in places where managers appreciate their value.

They want to see the value of their output. When you offer value, you’ll attract the right skills among this young generation.

Promote Flexibility and Work/Life Balance

Freedom is at the top of a millennial worker’s desires. These young employees cherish freedom. If you can offer maximum flexibility at work, you’ve got a chance of recruiting top talent.

You’ve to do away with rigid working hours and rigorous routines. Consider mixing freelancers with full-time employees for the perfect work-life balance.

Provide Learning Opportunities

Skill needs in Ireland and the rest of the world change rapidly.

Millennials are after regular learning, and your company has to consider this. For top talent recruitment among millennials, offer learning opportunities to your employees.

When outsourcing your recruitment process, make sure you highlight the learning opportunities available at your company.

Harness the Power of Social Media

To attract millennials, you’ve to invest heavily in promoting your brand on social media.  You’ve to diversify your media presence on different social media platforms.

Potential candidates are spending several hours searching for specific companies before they decide to apply. Millennials are turning to social media to discover more about companies.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips and create a great employer brand. Find a partner to help you move beyond the traditional process of doing things.

Millennial want you to be deadline oriented and not time oriented, offer flexibility and unlimited opportunities rather than limited tasks.

At Total Talent, we have the expertise to help you execute this within your company.

Are you looking to attract the best talent among millennials in Ireland and beyond? Talk to us today for tailored talent solutions for your brand.

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