Here’s 4 challenges facing IT HR teams in 2020: 

It’s no secret that recruiting IT talent always comes with its own distinct set of challenges. Since 2013 Ireland’s tech industry has been growing at a rate of approximately 13% and currently contributes to 6% of Ireland’s GDP. Every year the sector gradually expands and subsequently the industry changes which can be a nuisance for IT hiring managers. We’re in the IT recruitment game too and we know the struggle so listen up!

1. Demand outweighs availability. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, unemployment is currently as low as 4.8% in Ireland. It’s important to bear in mind that the boom year of 2006 was 4.3%. So it’s a very competitive market when it comes to hiring anyone in the digital sector. With web development, analytics, security and FIX tech dominating the market the fight for talent is on. It’s never been more important for HR teams to source expert help with their recruitment.

2. Passive candidate attraction.

If you’re in a HR team who’s only looking for the best tech candidates in the field, it’s become increasingly hard to reach them. Oftentimes you’re not merely looking for active candidates but those golden passive ones too. If you want to swipe some great talent for your tech team then it’s crucial to appeal to those who are already working in tech roles. Hence, this is where recruitment experts come in. We place countless candidates in tech roles here at Total Talent so trust us when we say, us experts know where to look.

3. Ever increasing recruitment costs.

Compensation demands are on the rise because wages are too. You don’t want to spend copious amounts of money with recruiters who are going to simply fill the gap with a candidate who might not be the right fit for an advanced IT role. It’s more important than ever to get in touch with recruiters who are going to do an expert job for the compensation they are charging.

4. A multi-generational workforce.

Millennials are indoctrinated into the workforce. Gen Z’ers are quickly paving their paths too. And in addition the baby boomers are delaying retirement. What does this mean for HR teams? It means that three different generations are all applying for the same brands but are looking for widely diverse attributes. An employer branding strategy has never been so crucial as companies need to showcase their best qualities to a range of different age groups who all have different priorities. The answer? Find a recruitment company who can not only help you to recruit talent but who can advice you on a recruitment marketing and employer branding strategy too.

If you would like help with recruitment in the IT sector then get in touch with Total Talent.


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