Here’s 3 sales recruiting trends for 2020:

Sales is a dynamic industry but it’s also a competitive one. With unemployment figures at a notable low, it’s understandable that brands are fighting for candidates. In order to attract and retain key sales talent it’s crucial that hiring managers stay in tune with changes in the industry. We’re in the sales recruiting game here at Total Talent too. We know the ins and outs so here’s 3 key trends…

1.An increase in competition.

Companies are expected to continue to hire into 2020 but the competition for great sales hires is fierce. In order to entice really good sales candidates a HR team really needs to consider the following; Every sales person wants the work they’re doing to matter to them. They want to feel like their superiors are truly invested in their success. Finally, they want to sell a product that’s doing something powerful so use this insight in your employer branding.

2. Work flexibility will be a standard not an option. 

In late 2017, Irish people searching for jobs including the word ‘remote’ increased by 171 percent. According to new reports by Irish VoIP Blueface this figure shows no sign of decreasing. In their recent report they expanded on this saying that they expect remote working to rival office locations by 2025. So why not be a thought leader? Showcase to your potential candidates that you’re ahead of the game by not only offering remote work but delivering on it. If there’s really no need for your sales team to be on site then this could be a mutually beneficial offering.

3.Talent retention is equatable to client retention.

It’s not only harder than ever to attract talent but it’s harder to retain them too. Hubspot recently stated that one of their top performing articles of all time was to do with getting sales hire results which showcases what a priority this is for HR teams. The market is tense with competition and if you want to find a great hire you also need to consider how you’re going keep them.

Sales is a skill that every product or service requires regardless of discipline. That’s why it’s so important to not only attract but nurture talent. If you would like help attracting the right salespeople to your key roles why not get in touch with the experts here at Total Talent


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